At Datern, we recognise the importance of utilising data as a key building block for a successful company. We also know how difficult it is to get data right. 

That’s where Datern comes in.

We help companies meet their data challenges by finding, recruiting and training undergraduate students from top universities, ensuring they start their internship with them ‘workplace ready’.

We know the types of challenge you might be facing.

“We have pockets of data excellence and are on a solid footing, but we need extra capability and capacity to bolster this.” 

“We’re a growing company, but know we could harness the power of data to grow even faster.“

“The process for finding interns is complicated, and so we’ve never managed to hire and retain one.”

Company - student and tutor

We find and recruit top students so you don’t have to.

We find and select only the best students studying STEM degrees to ensure they can handle the rigorous training needed to start working on large projects in fast moving companies. 

We train them to become super-interns.

Students learn the key skills they need to work in a data driven environment so that they can make an impact on your projects. We teach them solid data science fundamentals and the specific skills they need. We round them out by teaching skills in project management, communication, presentations, and professionalism needed to succeed in the workplace.

We match students with companies to tackle big projects.

Throughout the training process, we work closely with you to find the best match based on our student’s skill set, personal interests, and culture fit. When they begin their internship they come to you on a full-time basis for a pre-agreed period based at your offices or remotely.

What other Companies have said about us.

“Our intern gave us the resource we have needed to analyse data and make important decisions for our business. Having seen how effective this whole process is, I won’t hesitate to use Datern next year.” – CFO £25M Retail Company

Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Store Opening: Our intern joined a project team led by the CFO, sourced and analysed data, producing heatmaps used to determine optimal locations to open new stores. We now have a model that can be used to monitor its stores’ performance against control locations.

Case Study 2 – Our intern worked directly with the company’s data science team providing additional resource to develop an online marketing methodology. This included A/B testing of advertising material and improved customer segmentation based on demographics using machine learning.

We are ready to help you.

Datern makes the whole process of hiring interns simple, allowing you to focus on the growth of your business. 

We look forward to speaking with you about how Datern can help you bridge your data gap. 

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