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About Us

We are not your normal internship program – Datern provides opportunities to fast growth companies and students who are all about making a difference with data.

At Datern we work with high growth SMEs where data is at the core of their business and are looking for talented interns to assist with specific projects. At Datern we celebrate students with diverse experiences and perspectives.

The current higher education model is broken for many expanding companies who need to hire new talent. Universities are teaching the same courses they have been doing for years whilst the business landscape has been rapidly changing. Students need more practical and commercial skills that would make them the resource that modern companies need. We give them relevant training from experienced tutors and PhDs to ensure they can make an impact from day one.

We find, recruit and train talent from the top UK universities and then match them with leading SMEs.

Large multinational businesses have monopolised the market for quality data skilled graduates. At Datern we are disrupting the way data driven companies source talent. Through a fixed term internship, we provide access to our network of students and reduce the risk of taking on full time employees to work on current projects. Hiring can be a risky and labour intensive operation. Datern works with top performing students who are data obsessed and then trains them in the skills companies need.

Through our intensive training programme, students learn and apply the skills needed to excel in fast moving environments. This allows them to work on real projects as soon as they start and eliminates the need for time consuming and inefficient training during a short internship.

Work with us at Datern to supercharge your team with the talent you need.

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Tom AllportFounder

Datern was founded by Tom Allport in 2020, a maths graduate with a passion for all things data. After completing an internship at a New York based digital media startup, he saw a gap in the UK where startup and fast growth companies struggle to access high quality undergraduate interns. He started Datern to solve the problem of SMEs accessing quality data talent.

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